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Posted By kenrg

Do vloggers have huge egos? We've been accused of that. But I think a lot of vloggers could benefit by being more narcissistic, and being proud to share their best selves with their online community.

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Posted By kenrg

It seems odd that there've been no postings here for a week or so when I've made several videos. A few have been on 12Seconds.TV, but they're not really worth talking about or taking the trouble to post here.

What's been more exciting are the videos I've made for the new VloggerHeads video blogger community site (right now, that link will only show you that the site is "invite only"). This is the evolution of the video site I've been discussing, visualizing, conceptualizing, and debating with Paul (Renetto), Tom (tlg847), and Peri (PeriUrban/UrbanBlog) since about February 2007 in one form or another.

That core group has been expanded, Charlie (josephbeuys) joined us in February 2008, and Esther (faintstarlite) joined us just barely a month ago. Add to that Maarten and a couple of other tech-minded folks, and just over a week ago, a pre-alpha test site was finally launched.

After a year and a half of talking, it's been pretty amazing to actually have a site that's working. It's far from perfect yet, and still missing some of the key features that we've dreamed of, but it's happening, and it will all be there soon.

I know, I should save this blog post till I'm able to get everybody in, but it's just too exciting to sit on. Right now, we're only to 50 hand-picked members (some vloggers, some tech people), but we're slowly cranking out more invitations. If you are interested, and know how to contact me, let me know and I'll put you on my invite list as we can bring in more people.

And, hopefully, someday soon, I'll be making an announcement here that it's open to the public. Till then, thanks for your support, and I look forward to seeing you around the vloggerhood.