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On YouTube (as in so much of society), political debate has been turned into nothing more than a verbal slugfest. We turn on those with views that are different than our own, and attempt to isolate ourselves from dissent. So here's my stupid, vain attempt to change all that and begin a respectful discussion between political opposites.

The idea is not to reach agreement, but to more fully understand other points of view. This is not a debate; there's no winner or loser - just two friends who see things from different angles sharing their opinions.

Helping me out on this project is my conservative friend, PappyStu. (Oh, and intro music by audionautix)

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Kim said...
Dear Ken, Thank you for the above video. I so appreciate that you shared two points of view. The most succinct response I can offer is to share the oft quoted Edmund Burke: "The only thing necessary for evil to fluorish is for good men to do nothing" Thank you, Ken, for allowing me the opportunity to resond to you. Kim in California
May 26, 2008 04:47:35
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