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I've applied for, and yesterday was accepted to, the YouTube partnership program. I completed the process and set up my account this morning.

While most people won't find this a controversial decision at all, there are a few of my friends who have been critical of those joining the program, and have questioned whether or not this causes them to just "go after the money" or "sell out" or "forget where they came from" (etc., etc.,).

The main issue is whether or not partnership "will change everything." I've been asked, "Will it change my content?" or "Will it lessen my enjoyment?" I've come to the conclusion that it, for me at least, it won't change a thing.

I came to this realization because, in a way, I'm already in the program. I've had Google AdSense ads on my other blogs and web sites for years, and it hasn't changed my choice of topics, editorial point-of-view, enjoyment, frustrations, or anything else. Where other people research what topics will get them the best ads or the most hits, I've just kept on writing about the demise of democracy and being my cynical old self.

What my AdSense experience has given me is just slightly better statistics on what gets read, help in search engine placement, and a small amount of income that helps pay for my online habits (domain names, hosting, etc.).

I can guarantee you that when appropriate, I'll still be as critical of YouTube as I've ever been, and that I won't be choosing what videos to make based on the potential for hits or clicks. And I don't expect to get rich either. All I expect is that I'll have access to some more tools (like auto-play) and be able to make enough money to pay for a few blank tapes and maybe some props here and there.

For those who don't care to see the advertisements - that's fine - just watch the videos on this site, rather than on YouTube, and you won't have to deal with them.

Anyway, thanks for reading this, but I know you'd rather be watching a video...

I've been away from my camera during this holiday break, but will have more new videos to post very soon. Thanks again, and happy new year!

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