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From time to time the alarm has gone out, "YouTube is dead!" Of course, what they really mean by this is, "YouTube has made some stupid decision or implemented some stupid technical 'fix' that makes it more difficult for the community to communicate."

So, to the alarm ringers, others reply, "The community is fine! I've made friends all over the world and we're collaborating..." etc.

I agree with each. Yes, the community is fine. But the web site has many problems, and the company frequently does not seem to care about the community terribly much. Here's my short video on the subject:

Some things to consider now (and a topic for future videos): YouTube claims something like 55 million users, and the hardcore community members (those who regularly post videos, comment on others' videos, take part in groups, etc.) probably only number between 25-50,000 at any one time. So, in one sense, they can afford to ignore us.

But then, consider this: Of the 55 million, the vast majority are people who come for one clip, don't register, don't comment, and don't return for months on end. Meanwhile, the 25,000 are on the site nearly daily, watching and commenting on dozens of videos. If you do the math, our smaller group of users is responsible for the majority of the action (and therefore, ad views) on the site. YouTube needs us more than we need them.

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