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Yesterday was the big "YouTube Live!" event in San Francisco. I was invited to attend, and I did rsvp, but it just sounded so... well, so... lame. Yeah, lame. YouTube (or, let's just say, video sharing / vlogging) is not a programmed event, with a clear line between audience and entertainer. The video revolution is about knocking down that wall and communicating user to user.

So, I skipped out on the actual event (and, from what I've seen and heard online so far, that was a good choice), but I did go up to SF earlier in the day to meet up for lunch with Gary (Anakin1814), Curt (OhCurt), Mike (MusoSF), Jason (nbwulf), and Christopher (ChristopherMast). My wife, Leslie, also joined us, but as usual, she doesn't like to be in the actual videos.

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