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Posted By kenrg

The continuation of my day with Ira (citizenstand)... After lighthouse point, we went up to the Mystery Spot, a local tourist point. I've lived in the area for nearly 20 years, and this was my first visit. Ira's lived here his whole life (except for the last two, when he's been in Germany), and it was only his second visit.But, sometimes it's fun to be a tourist in your own backyard, so we went.

It's actually slightly more amazing and interesting in person than it appears on video. But not much. It's silly, and amusing, and fun, but not really all as eerie as they'd like people to think. Anyway, here's the video:


Posted By kenrg

CitizenStand makes fascinating short videos (average of 30 seconds) in which he does nothing but stand. He's basically a visual artist, using the video medium to make interesting self-portraits of himself set against different historic buildings, daily events, and other situations.


He lives now in Berlin, Germany, but is on vacation back in the U.S., and staying with his family about 20 miles away from me. We met up today in Santa Cruz, where I asked him about his videos and his art:

After this video was shot, we went to the Mystery Spot - that video will follow in a day or so...

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I've been using a clip of the Santa Cruz lighthouse as an introduction for my videos throughout 2007 (same image as the banner above), but I've been thinking about changing it and getting a new intro for 2008.

And so, I am turning to my subscribers out there to give me ideas for a new intro, or even to produce one for me, or even record a new theme song for kenrg presents.

If you've got something, send it to me at stupidcontest(at)gmail(dot)com.

Here's my video asking for a new intro:

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Here's a little video I shot last year on Christmas Eve, just driving around Los Gatos, checking out the lights.

I've just re-posted it up on LiveVideo to get a jump on this year's seasonal videos. I haven't decided yet what, if anything, I'll do special (video-wise) for this year. Anyway, enjoy...