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Posted By kenrg

It's always fun to meet other 'Tubers. A couple of months ago, Anthony (ajdpadbury) came to visit the Bay Area from England, and we had a great day together in the city.

This past Sunday, it was Regina (MixedPixel) visiting from Germany, on a business trip to Palo Alto. While walking around the town, videotaping, of course, we ran into a couple of other 'Tubers. Here's the resulting video:

I've been lucky, so far, that each of these meet-ups has gone so well. Thanks to YouTube, I now have friends literally all over the world. Pretty cool, eh?

Posted By kenrg

"Haters" are a part of life on the 'Tube. You know the types: people (probably teens) with too much time, access to technology, and no creative ideas of their own. So, they use all their energy to try and make life miserable for those with original ideas.

My approach is usually to quietly delete the most personally abusive comments and block the repeat offenders, but otherwise not to worry about them too much. And, once a year, to declare it "Hug-A-Hater Week."

Here's this year's declaration:

Click here to see the responses of the YouTube community...

For full reference, here's the link to last year's Hug-A-Hater announcement...

Posted By kenrg

Greetings viral video fans.

Since posting my first video on YouTube on September 1, 2006, I've become addicted to video making. This should not have come as any surprise, as I've always been interested in film, and in the past (loooong ago) worked in local TV news production and music video production.

But more about all that in the coming months. This is just a welcoming post to kick off this new web site. I'll be posting all my new videos here as they're produced, and occasionally link to the older ones as well. I'll also be writing about my experience making videos and with the various video sites (YouTube, LiveVideo, Revver, MetaCafe, etc.).

So, for now, thank you for reading, and please come back again soon.