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Posted By kenrg

I'm in a "video pundit" competition, the winner of which will get to go to the Democratic and Republican conventions later this year as a video blogger.

Please click the banner link below to view my entry, and if you think it is worthy, please vote for it.

Thank you!

Posted By kenrg

It's been a very busy week or so, including being knocked out for a couple of days with the flu, so I'm catching up on my work and on my vlogging.

But this is just a quick announcement to anybody who's interested in coming to the Second Annual San Francisco "As One" YouTube Gathering. It will be on Pier 39, by Fisherman's Wharf, from noon to 3 PM on Saturday, February 23rd.

And, for those who are interested, is the link to the video I shot at last year's event. See you there this year on the 23rd!