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Posted By kenrg

I know politics doesn't thrill everybody as a topic, but I'm afraid that as the presidential election season gets going here in the U.S., you'll have to excuse the occasional political vlog here.

This one is in response to the interview where Bill Clinton compared Barack Obama to Jesse Jackson. I take his analogy to the next (il)logical step...

Posted By kenrg

"The Aristocrats" is an old joke, and not a very funny one, but it's one that comedians like to tell each other to demonstrate their creativity in how they tell the story. There's a brilliant movie about the joke, with about 100 comedians telling the joke and telling stories about telling the joke, that is incredibly funny.

So, this guy on YouTube comes up with an idea for an Aristocrats joke telling contest... And here's my entry...

WARNING: Not for the easily offended, those with no sense of humor, children, or those with strong senses of common decency...

Posted By kenrg

I don't really know what to say about this one other than, "Yo, yo yo!"

Okay, I can tell you this much... I was in Los Angeles over the weekend for a family event. Sunday morning I woke up in the hotel room with this running through my brain. I quietly got out of bed, careful not to wake the wife, found a sheet of hotel stationary and a pen and went into the bathroom to turn on a light and write it all out.

The song was made using GarageBand, the video in iMovie - All on a Mac, of course.

Posted By kenrg

My friend, OhCurt, does a character he calls "The Croc Father" - basically a bad Godfather impersonation who wears Crocs. He recently did a collaboration video asking people to send in their best (or worst?) Marlon Brando impersonations to audition to replace him as the Croc Father.

I was supposed to have taken part in that collaboration, but the power outage took me out of that one. So here, as a response video, is my Croc Father audition.

(click here to see OhCurt's video this is in answer to)

Posted By kenrg

We've been without power (or hot water or internet) for several days at home, but I needed to make a video, so we've checked into a hotel. Okay, so the hotel is for a good night's sleep followed by a shave and a shower, but I made two new videos anyway.

The first one is just a new year's vlog, talking about the above situation and the YouTube partnership program (see the previous post here for more info), and the second one is my response to the "Five Random Facts" tag that's been going around...