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As you know from my previous three entries, I spent last Friday through Monday with three good friends, Tom (tlg847), Paul (renetto), and Peri (PeriUrban/UrbanBlog). Mixed in with all the fun and socializing that you've already seen, we discussed the future of online community, the nature of connecting through video, and building a web site based on our shared vision of how it could be.

We are not anti-YouTube. We love YouTube - it is what brought us all together. But we dream of something even better, and have a plan of how to get there. Stay tuned for more information as we're able to share it.

Posted By kenrg

Okay, so I've been offline for several days. From early Friday morning through Monday evening I've been spending most of my time running up to San Francisco (and Oakland, etc.) to spend some quality time with a few fellow YouTubers with whom I'm plotting the revolution.

Over the next several days I'll be posting videos from that long weekend, starting with this video from Friday of touring SF with Peri Urban and Paul / "Renetto", and leading up to a video in a few days with more details about that revolution thing.