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My July 4th video is up a little early... it's a spoof of Thomas Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence, featuring the always brilliant Geneticblend as John Adams. Enjoy, and have a great holiday week.

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The latest trend at YouTube are collaboration channels, starting with "fiveawesomeguys" and "fiveawesomegirls", etc. One person always does Monday, another Tuesday, etc. And, of course, there's also the parody collaboration channels, including "5boringpeople" and, my favorite, "fiveawesomedrunks."

Today I've got two videos for you here... The first one is my "rejected audition" for the fiveawesomedrunks (posted on the fiveawesomedrunks channel) and the second is my personal vlog about the audition (on my own channel).

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Not a week goes by on YouTube without a group of vloggers doing a collaboration video wishing another vlogger a happy birthday. And, in those collaborations, somebody always sings the traditional "Happy Birthday" song. Unfortunately, that song is actually copyrighted, owned by Time-Warner, and they consider singing it on sites like YouTube or LiveVideo to be a "public performance" that requires paying a royalty.

And so, I offer my all-new copyright-free Happy Birthday song. Have fun with it; it's my gift to the world.

More info and resources... Unhappy Birthday - Happy Birthday Screw You (by Kembrew McLeod) - and Snopes Urban Legend Reference Page.

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I don't really know what to say about this one other than, "Yo, yo yo!"

Okay, I can tell you this much... I was in Los Angeles over the weekend for a family event. Sunday morning I woke up in the hotel room with this running through my brain. I quietly got out of bed, careful not to wake the wife, found a sheet of hotel stationary and a pen and went into the bathroom to turn on a light and write it all out.

The song was made using GarageBand, the video in iMovie - All on a Mac, of course.

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My friend, OhCurt, does a character he calls "The Croc Father" - basically a bad Godfather impersonation who wears Crocs. He recently did a collaboration video asking people to send in their best (or worst?) Marlon Brando impersonations to audition to replace him as the Croc Father.

I was supposed to have taken part in that collaboration, but the power outage took me out of that one. So here, as a response video, is my Croc Father audition.

(click here to see OhCurt's video this is in answer to)