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Posted By kenrg

A couple of weeks ago I asked for suggestions for a new opening to my videos for 2008. I was getting kind of tired of the lighthouse opening (the same lighthouse that's in the banner above...)

I received wonderful contributions from my friends on YouTube and LiveVideo, including intro videos from (in order of appearance): TheFrozenGhost , Neotrific, EddyBergman, CitizenStand, Justinmazing, IISwanSongII, StuKeck (aka: PappyStu, Yaffle, EvilSpartacus, and YeuxlumineuxNtx

I also received music from: MichaelLydon & Ellen Mandel, DoctorMetropolis, and BlackTurtleUS. And, finally, a spoken outro by OhCurt.

Much thanks to Everybody! Enjoy the video:

Posted By kenrg

I've been using a clip of the Santa Cruz lighthouse as an introduction for my videos throughout 2007 (same image as the banner above), but I've been thinking about changing it and getting a new intro for 2008.

And so, I am turning to my subscribers out there to give me ideas for a new intro, or even to produce one for me, or even record a new theme song for kenrg presents.

If you've got something, send it to me at stupidcontest(at)gmail(dot)com.

Here's my video asking for a new intro: