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I have no new video today, but I'm in two videos by friends...

The first is from PappyStu, who gives us "Things You'd Like to Say at Work." I dare you to use just two lines from this video at your job next week.

The second one is from OhCurt, who's a bit fed up with all the video begging for subscriptions and fame, and fights back with "RATE! COMMENT!! SUBSCRIBE!!! OY!!!!"

And here they are:

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One of the many good friends I have met through vlogging is Curt (aka OhCurt, Curt344, Curtzilla, etc.). Today is Curt's final day of college to earn his Bachelor's degree. Not such a big deal? Well, Curt's one of those "returning students" who's finishing up at 40. That's dedication, that's hard work, and that's pretty cool.

So, I've organized about two dozen of Curt's other online friends and put together a special YouTube channel for him call OhGraduate and filled it up with tributes to him. Below you'll find my individual tribute as well as the group tribute that I edited together from what the others sent me.

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Heidi, of the previously mentioned "VloggerHeads shot fest" has edited together clips of the participants and Saturday's online party. I've tweaked the edit and the music a bit to make my own version of the collab video...

Find more videos like this on VloggerHeads

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My July 4th video is up a little early... it's a spoof of Thomas Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence, featuring the always brilliant Geneticblend as John Adams. Enjoy, and have a great holiday week.

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Here's the second political collaboration with my conservative friend, PappyStu. The topic today is Universal Health Care, and whether or not the U.S. needs some form of reform to provide health care for all. Again, the point of these videos isn't to reach consensus; it's just to begin a civil conversation on issues that are important in our national life.