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First off, one of the many, many new video websites I've been playing with is - It's kind of like a cross between YouTube and Twitter: a video site, where every video is only 12 seconds long. Why? "Because anything longer is boring." It can be a bit of a challenge to say what you want to say in only 12 seconds, but it turns out it's quite easy to make an ass of yourself.

One thing they do over there is have a "daily challenge" - They post a question or topic that you must answer in, of course, 12 seconds. At the end of the day, they choose a winner from the answers posted. The other day, the topic was "tell somebody that you love them" and this was my winning entry:

12 challenge: Tell someone that you love them. on

Now that I've written a really long blog to go along with a very stupid 12 second video, I'll give you the address of my channel over there:

Posted By kenrg

Here it is, - It's been described as the "video twitter" or a cross between YouTube, Twitter, and Seesmic... Every video is exactly twelve seconds long; not a second longer, not a second shorter. Just twelve seconds.

And here's a link to my channel (kenrg, of course)...

And here's what a video looks like...

And Away We Go! on